Saturday, 11 February 2012

Types of Car Seat Mats

Car seat mats are great for drivers who drive long distances. They are comfortable and durable. These devices make your seat more comfortable with their cushion type material. Many drivers use them as they add extra padding for any type of seat. If you're a truck driver or traveling business salesman, then these are practically a necessity. There are a variety of mats available to you.

Vibrating & Heat Controlled

Vibration is great for those who want a massage type of seating options. The vibrating mat offers you comfort and a stress free drive as it vibrates your back and legs. People with bad backs also choose this type of mat for its massage qualities.

Heat controlled mechanisms are for drivers on cold days. No more need to wait for the car to warm up on those cold wintery days. You can sit on your heated mat and feel cozy. These mats are often battery controlled and available at any car accessory retailer.

Beaded Seating & Hypoallergenic

This beaded option offers you a harder seat as the beads work together to bring you a firm seating area. They are usually made out of high quality wood or glass. This is also the style that has probably already been used the longest and is a valuable asset to your back and leg areas.

For those allergic to down and other types of pillow fills, this type of mat will become your new favorite device. For those who don't like hard seats, this pillow type seat will make it possible to tolerate long rides. They also come in several varieties: firm, extra firm and soft.

Pros and Cons of Mats

While these seats bring you comfort and relaxation, there are pros and cons to this mechanism. Take a look at a few pros and cons before choosing which seat is best for you.


• They provide comfort.
• The device offers you a stress free drive.
• They fit on any seat.
• Some have massagers built into them.
• They are great on cold days.


• They wear down too quickly.
• Mats cost too much.
• These devices tear easily.
• They are not always available in stores.
• They are not adjustable.

These devices are typically sold to people who do a lot of driving. If you are on the go constantly and suffer from back or neck problems, these mats are able to provide a firmer seat so that you're not being bumped around in your existing car seat. Also for those who find it difficult to see past the dashboard, this mat will give you more height.

Car seat mats provide you with convenience. They are lightweight and made from durable materials. They are sold at any local retailer and are available online.

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