Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Why LED Lights Make Perfect DRLs

Lately you may have noticed an increasing number of cars with luminous "eyebrows" driving around.

That is because the European Union recently passed a directive making dedicated daytime running lights (DRL) a mandatory requirement on all new passenger cars and small delivery vehicles approved on or after the 7 February 2011. From August 2012 this will be extended to all buses and trucks as well.

What are DRL?

DRLs are bright, forward-facing lights situated alongside or beneath a car's existing headlamps and are designed to make a vehicle more conspicuous to other road users during the day.

Unlike regular headlamps, which can be switched on and off independently from the engine, DRLs come on automatically with the car's ignition and remain on while the engine is running. They can only be switched off again when the car's engine is off or the main headlamps are engaged.

DRLs are not a recent development. Sweden has required all motorists to drive with their headlights on all year round since 1977 and by 2006 12 European countries had introduced them in one form or another. The UK has never made it a requirement until now.

Fuel Consumption

One of the chief issues surrounding DRLs is additional fuel consumption.

DRLs draw their electricity from the car's alternator, which in turn results in greater fuel consumption. Not only is this more costly, but it also results in more CO2 emissions. Finding a light source that is both bright and efficient is therefore important.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) consume a fraction of the electricity needed by regular dipped-beam headlamps. A normal headlamp will use about 110 watts. DRLs using LED-based lighting only require 5-10 watts, therefore putting less strain on the car's alternator and resulting in less fuel consumption.

LED Bulbs also offer further advantages in that they last longer and produce a more directional light, making them more visible than typical headlamps.

The main purpose of DRLs is to improve the visibility of vehicles to other road users. By doing so the European Commission believes they will greatly reduce the number of casualties on European roads. According to one report, more than 35,000 people were killed on European roads in 2009, with many more left seriously injured.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tinted Windows Saved a Life

A few years ago around the holidays, a woman was shopping at a mall in the evening after work. So that she may remain anonymous, we will call her Kathy. Trying to fit holiday shopping into a busy work schedule can be difficult, and to take advantage of this opportunity, Kathy decided to push through and finish all of her shopping in this one evening. Despite the crowd inside the mall when she first arrived after work, the crowd soon thinned out after the dinner hours passed and people started to head home for the evening.

Shorter Lines, Faster Shopping

Stopping only for a very quick bite of dinner herself, Kathy was moving well from store to store, marking items off her shopping list. The lines in most stores were short and since she knew everything she intended to purchase ahead of time, Kathy was sure she was setting some kind of holiday shopping record. Sweaters, ties, even stocking stuffers filled her shopping bags to the point that she could not handle any more bags and decided to take the items that she had purchased to the car.

Window Tint is more than Just Privacy

As with most malls, the shops were not open too late during the week although they did remain open until after dark. Kathy lugged the bags out to the parking lot, which was relatively well lit, but extremely cold at this time of the year. As she stuffed the last few bags in the trunk of her car, her fingers felt like icicles, and she jumped in the front seat of her car to warm up for a minute before heading back into the mall to buy the few remaining things on her list.

Kathy's cell phone chirped, and she noticed that she had several unread text messages and began to sort through them. Suddenly, Kathy was startled by a loud smashing of glass that sounded at first like it happened right there in the car with her. She immediately looked up and saw that a young man wearing a hooded sweatshirt had smashed the window of the car right next to her. More frightening than that, Kathy could see that he had a small handgun tucked in the front of his jeans.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Kathy sat there frozen for a moment until she realized that the man had no idea that she was even sitting there because he could not see inside the tinted windows of her vehicle. Upon making this realization, Kathy quietly dialed 911 from her cell phone and both the police and mall security were able to catch the criminal before he was able to escape the mall property.

So in addition to protecting Kathy and the interior of her car from the sun's UV rays, tinted windows may have saved Kathy's life that night.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Car Paint Stripping

Process of car paint stripping can be very dirty especially if your car paint is very old. It can also be time consuming as it most of the time last about three days or even more in cases when you are about to strip a whole car. There are some different procedures when doing this type of a job, but in any case you should focus on one panel at a time. Sanding, scraping, media blasting and chemical stripping are all methods that can be used for paint stripping, but for doing the job at home, the best ways are probably sanding or scraping.

Sanding and scraping

Prepare yourself for a job with air compressor and a dual-action sander loaded with 80-grade paper. If your purpose is to strip the entire car then buy a roll of the self-adhering discs and change them frequently. To prevent to much heat in selected area when wielding a DA, don't hold it in one spot and push down with a lot of power, instead of doing that, fan it out over a broad surface the way you would a buffer. Scraping paint off a panel using razor blades is possible in some cases, but that is not often as you must be very relaxed and precisive, however this procedure doesn't produce dust and won't heat up the metal.

Media blasting

This is the process of propelling media particles from a blast machine using the power of compressed air. This converts media particles and compressed air into an effective cleaning treatment that requires skill and proper equipment. Soda blasting is a popular method for paint removing especially from surfaces that would be destroyed by sand, like fiberglass. However this step requires some more space than some other ones. For the entire car work, It is better to use bigger blaster. Usually car enthusiasts uses smaller blasters, that are great for smaller car parts and spots, but are not so useful when doing the process of entire car stripping. Some body shops does rent it so that is a possible way.To protect areas that won't be blasted use couple of layers of duct tape. After blasting the panel then sand it with 80 to 100 grade paper and also after doing that prime it to prevent rust.

Chemical stripping

On the market there are available a lot of chemical paint stripping products to our disposal. Chemical stripping requires a lot of patience and time, but on the other hand is a great way to doing the job without damaging the car. It will remove one layer at a time when there are multiple paint layers on a vehicle. Use paintbrush to apply it, wait some time, and then scrape it off. Do this stuff on a small areas at a time, applying the stripper over and over until the body is bare. It's a good idea to put a tarp down to make cleanup easier, and the entire car should also be washed with soap and water after using the stripper.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Types of Car Seat Mats

Car seat mats are great for drivers who drive long distances. They are comfortable and durable. These devices make your seat more comfortable with their cushion type material. Many drivers use them as they add extra padding for any type of seat. If you're a truck driver or traveling business salesman, then these are practically a necessity. There are a variety of mats available to you.

Vibrating & Heat Controlled

Vibration is great for those who want a massage type of seating options. The vibrating mat offers you comfort and a stress free drive as it vibrates your back and legs. People with bad backs also choose this type of mat for its massage qualities.

Heat controlled mechanisms are for drivers on cold days. No more need to wait for the car to warm up on those cold wintery days. You can sit on your heated mat and feel cozy. These mats are often battery controlled and available at any car accessory retailer.

Beaded Seating & Hypoallergenic

This beaded option offers you a harder seat as the beads work together to bring you a firm seating area. They are usually made out of high quality wood or glass. This is also the style that has probably already been used the longest and is a valuable asset to your back and leg areas.

For those allergic to down and other types of pillow fills, this type of mat will become your new favorite device. For those who don't like hard seats, this pillow type seat will make it possible to tolerate long rides. They also come in several varieties: firm, extra firm and soft.

Pros and Cons of Mats

While these seats bring you comfort and relaxation, there are pros and cons to this mechanism. Take a look at a few pros and cons before choosing which seat is best for you.


• They provide comfort.
• The device offers you a stress free drive.
• They fit on any seat.
• Some have massagers built into them.
• They are great on cold days.


• They wear down too quickly.
• Mats cost too much.
• These devices tear easily.
• They are not always available in stores.
• They are not adjustable.

These devices are typically sold to people who do a lot of driving. If you are on the go constantly and suffer from back or neck problems, these mats are able to provide a firmer seat so that you're not being bumped around in your existing car seat. Also for those who find it difficult to see past the dashboard, this mat will give you more height.

Car seat mats provide you with convenience. They are lightweight and made from durable materials. They are sold at any local retailer and are available online.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Interesting Facts About 3M Paint Protection

The paint protection film was first developed during the Vietnam War and it served a military purpose. The army needed some material that will protect the blades of helicopters during missions in adverse conditions. This is how the clear bra came into existence.

The material was strong enough to keep the blade safe from the damage that would otherwise be caused by flying debris. Soon after, the paint protection film started gaining popularity outside the military sector. It was installed on the cars of NASCAR teams to offer reliable paint protection from chipping and scratching.

The current clear bra is made of a very thin and nearly 100 percent transparent layer of polyurethane. It is almost impossible to spot the clear bra, once it has been installed properly.

Clear bra came as a long awaited alternative to traditional leather and vinyl car bras. These have a number of advantages and imperfections that clear bra deals with effortlessly. The leather and vinyl bras are bulky and difficult to install. Additionally, they affect the appearance of a vehicle.

The vinyl and leather bras are incapable of providing a very tight fit. This means that moisture and dirt can get trapped underneath during rainfall or whenever the car is getting washed. The vinyl bra has to be removed each time poor weather is expected or the car is going to be cleaned.

3M paint protection is waterproof and once installed, it will stay on the car for its entire lifespan. The toughness of the film gives it five years of warranty. If maintained properly, the clear bra can remain in a good condition for even a longer period of time.

The next interesting set of facts focuses on the resilience of the film. Tests show that the clear bra is capable of withstanding the influence of debris like gravel and rocks flying at 60 miles per hour.

A test has even been performed involving a shotgun and CO2 cartridges. These were incapable of penetrating the film, despite the high speed. A test with a knife showed that the clear bra is offering some of the most reliable paint protection that the market has to offer currently.

Paint protection films are strong, easy to maintain and capable of standing the effects of extreme atmospheric conditions. These are all great advantages that lure many people into giving the clear bra a try.

It is also important to note that the material is suitable for all kinds of vehicles. It can stick to nearly any material. The proof of the claim is the manner in which many people use paint protection film outside the automobile industry. It can wrap nearly anything starting from hi-tech gadgets and moving on to garden furniture.

Clear bra can be installed on all kinds of vehicles, including boats and private airplanes. After all, the initial usage of the material was for the protection of aircraft. It is also the perfect shield for mountain bikes and trucks that are used in off road adventures. These types of vehicles need some serious protection and the clear bra will deliver.

3M paint protection film has been tested numerous times and all of the trials confirm its strength and practicality. To top it off, the product is affordable and very long lived. All of these interesting facts and characteristics turn it into a very popular product that will guarantee customer satisfaction.