Saturday, 7 January 2012

Garmin Nuvi 1350lmt Vs Garmin 1450lmt

Garmin 1450lmt and Garmin nuvi 1350lmt are the most popular GPS units which received lots of good reviews from users. Some of you may be wondering which one of them is better for purchasing. Here's some information about the differences between the two models and how to choose from them for your own needs.

Garmin nuvi 1350lmt

It has a 4.3 inch screen which is slimmer than 1450. Garmin nuvi 1350lmt is preloaded with North American maps and street name voices. With 1350, you can get guides to the right lane. If you're walking on the streets, it provides pedestrian navigation options. EcoRoute calculates the most time and fuel-saving route for you to the destination. Garmin nuvi 1350lmt is one of the 1300 series.

Garmin 1450lmt

It has a 5 inch wide-screen. You can get more info from the big screen. Garmin 1450 offers lane-assist with junction view to guide you through highway interchange. Pedestrian options, ecoRoute and spoken street names are all on 1450lmt too. Garmin 1450 is one of the 1400 series.

Why Garmin nuvi 1350lmt and Garmin 1450lmt So Popular?

Garmin nuvi 1350lmt and 1450lmt have been ranking the top in best sellers ever since they were launched. The first reason why they're so popular is because of the great navigation function and good user experience. People buy GPS because they need a good guide while on road, of course. And these two models do the best job than other products on the market. That's why customers give them good reviews and people choose to purchase them.

The second reason is that they both offer more useful functions other than navigation. You can get far beyond navigation from 1350 and 1450. EcoRoute helps you save fuel and money. All kinds of travel tools are contained including measurement converter, currency converter, world travel clock, picture viewer, calculator etc. anti theft function keeps your car and GPS safe for the whole time. Moreover, you can use an optional SD card to enhance your experience.

Choose 1350 or Garmin 1450lmt?

No doubt both of the models provide the best user experience not only in navigation. Before you decide which one of them to buy, you should know your own needs. Actually the biggest difference between 1350 and 1450 is the size of their screens. If you need a slimmer GPS, I suggest you to choose 1350 with 4.3 inch screen. But if you want more information from the screen, 1450 would be a better choice for you.

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