Friday, 13 January 2012

Hennessey Performance Introduces New Camaro Wheels, Tuning, and Bodywork

Thanks to General Motors' decision to bring back its Chevrolet Camaro, the pony car wars are back between the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, and Camaro. Owners of these muscle cars do not typically keep their cars stock and instead opt to modify the looks, engine, and chassis to achieve better performance than their rival Detroit-built pony cars. With this in mind, Hennessey Performance has developed and introduced a new range of upgrades designed specifically for the LS3-powered Camaro SS models.

The first aspect that most owners focus on is the 6.2-liter V-8 engine nicknamed the "LS3" by General Motors. Hennessey Performance offers a new air induction system to help the engine suck in more air and thus produce more power. Optionally, customers who want a large amount of power spinning the rear Camaro wheels can purchase a supercharger system designed specifically for the LS3 V-8 engine. A new stainless steel exhaust system can also be installed to help reduce backpressure and efficiently remove exhaust gasses for better performance. In addition, the exhaust helps to emit a ferocious growl for a more intimidating attitude. After the exhaust and intake modifications have been installed, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) is usually tuned to accommodate for the reduction in backpressure and increase in air being sucked in by the intakes. An ECU tune helps to optimize the ignition timing, fuel injection, throttle, and more. Each ECU tune is individually tested on a dynometer to ensure reliability and performance.

If the engine is producing more power due to new modifications, new transmission and drivetrain upgrades are often necessary to ensure all that power can be reliably sent to each of the rear Camaro wheels. For the Chevrolet Camaro SS, Hennessey Performance can install a short shift kit for quicker, more precise gear changes, along with new engine and transmission mounts to handle the extra power. The team at Hennessey Performance can also install a new clutch and carbon fiber driveshaft to handle the added stress put on the drivetrain components.

The next step for muscle car owners is the chassis. The suspension can be upgraded to provide more precise handling and an optimum center of gravity with new shocks and springs that lower the overall ride height and stiffen that chassis. New Camaro wheels that are lightweight forged aluminum can help to reduce weight at the wheel hub for better overall performance with an added touch of style. With certain new Camaro wheels, big brake upgrades can be installed depending on the clearance. The big brakes utilize high-performance calipers and discs to improve stopping distances.

The finishing touch in the Hennessey Performance upgrade program is the aerodynamic body work. New carbon fiber components can be installed on the front, rear, and sides, to help generate downforce for better high speed stability without adding a large amount of weight. The body work also helps to give a more aggressive appearance to the American muscle car.

The entire Hennessey Performance upgrade program for the Chevrolet Camaro is currently available as a complete package or as individual accessories for owners that want more performance from their muscle car.

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