Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tips for the Selection of the Right Vinyl Stripes Manufacturer

Choosing the right vinyl stickers for your car can be a troublesome task, especially because of the tremendous diversity. Do you know how to distinguish high quality from mediocre products? Several simple indicators can be used to make an informed selection.

The first and most obvious option involves the purchase of official vehicle stripes. These are manufactured by the company that produces your model of car. These stripes have a number of advantages. They are the right size and they are of certain quality that other manufacturers may be incapable of delivering.

The downside of going for official vinyl stripes is that the collections are usually limited. Although you will have a medley of patterns to choose among, chances are that you will be incapable of finding the design that is just right for you.

This is when you will probably turn to alternative vinyl stripe manufacturers. Many printing companies and car tuning producers are capable of doing a great job. Their stickers will be of the right quality and they will come at affordable prices.

Several indicators will help you determine good quality. First, you can always rely on the corporate websites of such companies.

A professionally developed corporate website that is updated regularly and that contains an extensive FAQ section will let you know that the company is very serious about its business and its relationship with clients.

Next, examine the portfolio section. If the website is missing such, you should simply move on to another option. A portfolio that is diversified and that features different styles of patterns is what you are looking for. This portfolio is telling you that the company is comfortable working in different niches and creating tuning materials that will appeal to a wide range of consumers.

A price comparison will let you limit the opportunities. Remember that you are trying to find the best price to quality ratio rather than the lowest price. Vinyl stripes are a relatively affordable tuning material. A slightly higher price may be a guarantee of the quality of materials and the printing job itself. Still, you should refrain from going to extremes and picking the most expensive option out there.

You can also refine your search through the use of information in specialized forms and blogs. Many people have been in your shoes and they are willing to share information about their experiences.

Client reviews and opinions can be biased. Some of the reviews may actually be coming from company representatives while others could be written by competitors. You should never trust reviews that are overly positive or overly negative without giving any arguments.

Try to establish a pattern. Many people writing about the same problem or a number of reviews sharing similar praise are trustworthy. Looking for patterns will save you from experiencing unpleasant surprises in the future.

The final step of the process involves the actual contact with a company representative. Find out how comfortable these professionals are with changing a design to satisfy your needs. You should be experiencing ease of communication and some flexibility.

The selection of the right vinyl stripes manufacturer is precisely what you need in order to be happy with the tuning material and with the new appearance of your car. Always do your homework in advance. It may take some time and effort but you will be saving yourself from the possibility of experiencing great disappointment.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Diesel Performance Lift Kits and Suspension Upgrades - A Smoother Ride and More Horsepower

There are two main reasons people want performance lift kits for their diesel truck or SUV. The first is an increase in the comfort, traction, fuel efficiency, horsepower and torque, and acceleration of the vehicle, particularly when going off-road. The second reason is, of course, that they can make your diesel vehicle the most impressive looking and sounding beast on the road. With advances in technology and design you don't have to sacrifice one for the other - you can choose the optimal performance upgrades for your truck or SUV, and customise the design to fit any look you want.

Installing a lift kit should be your starting point for any performance upgrades to your diesel truck or SUV. This will raise your suspension and give you more room to work with later, so you have more options for your wheel, engine, and exhaust upgrades. Not only that, a suspension lift kit will also improve your fuel efficiency, and give you a far smoother ride.

Before Installing

Choosing the type of lift kit or suspension work you want done can be tricky. You have to consider not just the model of your vehicle, but also how you plan to use it. If you are using your diesel vehicle for a lot of off-road rock-crawling at low speeds, you'll have a different set of needs to somebody who does a majority of highway or long distance driving. To make the process smoother, make sure you have considered this question before you talk to your mechanic. This is mostly an issue of safety and optimal performance, whatever you plan to use your diesel vehicle for you should be able to customise its look to your preferences.

Installing a Lift Kit

Once you have decided on the appropriate suspension lift kit for your diesel vehicle, it is time to start the installation process. Again, this can be tricky with many factors to consider. Things like the length of your drive shaft, the overhang of your fenders, added air lockers, and the gear ratio in your axels all have to be considered and possibly modified. This is not a task you would want to undertake at home without prior knowledge - finding a reputable auto repair shop and discussing what the process would be for your specific vehicle is the best bet for a novice.

Disadvantages of Suspension Lift Kits

Unfortunately, modifying the suspension in your diesel vehicle does come with some risks. The extra height will change the way you navigate turns, as your centre of gravity will be raised - this can lead to less stability, but can be compensated for once you get a feel for the new handling. The recommended maximum height for lift kits is 4 inches, anything above that will lead to a considerable change in the way your vehicle handles and will take some getting used to.

If you are planning to install larger tyres after your lift kit (and you most likely will be when you see how puny your wheels look under your upgraded suspension), you should be mindful that you will lose some traction when driving at high speeds on the highway. While larger tyres are great for increasing stability in off-road conditions, you will find driving on the road will become slightly more difficult. As with the raise in your centre of gravity, it is nothing that you can't get used to with a little practise.

Body Lifts Vs. Suspension Lifts

This article has been discussing suspension lift kits, designed specifically for those who want to go off-road and get the best performance. A body lift gives you the same aesthetic results as a suspension lift, but won't give you any of the off-road performance benefits. A suspension lift kit will lift the entire frame, power train, and engine on springs to your requested height. A body lift kit will simply raise the body - giving you the same look and customisation options, but without the off-road stability and fuel economy. A body lift is substantially cheaper than a suspension lift, and doesn't require the same level of personalisation and workmanship. So if you aren't going off-road, but do want the look and sound of an off-road rig, a body lift kit may be your best option.

Hennessey Performance Introduces New Camaro Wheels, Tuning, and Bodywork

Thanks to General Motors' decision to bring back its Chevrolet Camaro, the pony car wars are back between the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, and Camaro. Owners of these muscle cars do not typically keep their cars stock and instead opt to modify the looks, engine, and chassis to achieve better performance than their rival Detroit-built pony cars. With this in mind, Hennessey Performance has developed and introduced a new range of upgrades designed specifically for the LS3-powered Camaro SS models.

The first aspect that most owners focus on is the 6.2-liter V-8 engine nicknamed the "LS3" by General Motors. Hennessey Performance offers a new air induction system to help the engine suck in more air and thus produce more power. Optionally, customers who want a large amount of power spinning the rear Camaro wheels can purchase a supercharger system designed specifically for the LS3 V-8 engine. A new stainless steel exhaust system can also be installed to help reduce backpressure and efficiently remove exhaust gasses for better performance. In addition, the exhaust helps to emit a ferocious growl for a more intimidating attitude. After the exhaust and intake modifications have been installed, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) is usually tuned to accommodate for the reduction in backpressure and increase in air being sucked in by the intakes. An ECU tune helps to optimize the ignition timing, fuel injection, throttle, and more. Each ECU tune is individually tested on a dynometer to ensure reliability and performance.

If the engine is producing more power due to new modifications, new transmission and drivetrain upgrades are often necessary to ensure all that power can be reliably sent to each of the rear Camaro wheels. For the Chevrolet Camaro SS, Hennessey Performance can install a short shift kit for quicker, more precise gear changes, along with new engine and transmission mounts to handle the extra power. The team at Hennessey Performance can also install a new clutch and carbon fiber driveshaft to handle the added stress put on the drivetrain components.

The next step for muscle car owners is the chassis. The suspension can be upgraded to provide more precise handling and an optimum center of gravity with new shocks and springs that lower the overall ride height and stiffen that chassis. New Camaro wheels that are lightweight forged aluminum can help to reduce weight at the wheel hub for better overall performance with an added touch of style. With certain new Camaro wheels, big brake upgrades can be installed depending on the clearance. The big brakes utilize high-performance calipers and discs to improve stopping distances.

The finishing touch in the Hennessey Performance upgrade program is the aerodynamic body work. New carbon fiber components can be installed on the front, rear, and sides, to help generate downforce for better high speed stability without adding a large amount of weight. The body work also helps to give a more aggressive appearance to the American muscle car.

The entire Hennessey Performance upgrade program for the Chevrolet Camaro is currently available as a complete package or as individual accessories for owners that want more performance from their muscle car.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Garmin Nuvi 1350lmt Vs Garmin 1450lmt

Garmin 1450lmt and Garmin nuvi 1350lmt are the most popular GPS units which received lots of good reviews from users. Some of you may be wondering which one of them is better for purchasing. Here's some information about the differences between the two models and how to choose from them for your own needs.

Garmin nuvi 1350lmt

It has a 4.3 inch screen which is slimmer than 1450. Garmin nuvi 1350lmt is preloaded with North American maps and street name voices. With 1350, you can get guides to the right lane. If you're walking on the streets, it provides pedestrian navigation options. EcoRoute calculates the most time and fuel-saving route for you to the destination. Garmin nuvi 1350lmt is one of the 1300 series.

Garmin 1450lmt

It has a 5 inch wide-screen. You can get more info from the big screen. Garmin 1450 offers lane-assist with junction view to guide you through highway interchange. Pedestrian options, ecoRoute and spoken street names are all on 1450lmt too. Garmin 1450 is one of the 1400 series.

Why Garmin nuvi 1350lmt and Garmin 1450lmt So Popular?

Garmin nuvi 1350lmt and 1450lmt have been ranking the top in best sellers ever since they were launched. The first reason why they're so popular is because of the great navigation function and good user experience. People buy GPS because they need a good guide while on road, of course. And these two models do the best job than other products on the market. That's why customers give them good reviews and people choose to purchase them.

The second reason is that they both offer more useful functions other than navigation. You can get far beyond navigation from 1350 and 1450. EcoRoute helps you save fuel and money. All kinds of travel tools are contained including measurement converter, currency converter, world travel clock, picture viewer, calculator etc. anti theft function keeps your car and GPS safe for the whole time. Moreover, you can use an optional SD card to enhance your experience.

Choose 1350 or Garmin 1450lmt?

No doubt both of the models provide the best user experience not only in navigation. Before you decide which one of them to buy, you should know your own needs. Actually the biggest difference between 1350 and 1450 is the size of their screens. If you need a slimmer GPS, I suggest you to choose 1350 with 4.3 inch screen. But if you want more information from the screen, 1450 would be a better choice for you.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Vath Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Sports Forged Wheels and a Supercharger

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is arguably one of the most iconic German super cars currently on the market and even rivals the Porsche 911 Turbo. With the unveiling of the updated SLS AMG "GT" models, the first SLS AMG Roadster models have become less powerful than their new counterparts. The team at Vath Automobiltechnik decided that the currently outdated non-GT models should be available with a vast amount of horsepower, so they developed a new tuning program with a supercharger engine modification, new forged wheels, a tighter chassis, and upgraded aerodynamics.

First, the entire SLS AMG Roadster was given a makeover by Vath because of the higher speeds it would be achieving with the engine upgrades. The team developed new carbon fiber bodywork that generated downforce for better handling and high-speed stability without adding more weight to the super car. The front bumper was given a new spoiler lip to reduce lift at the front axle while a pair of side skirts calms the airflow around the upgraded forged wheels. New brake duct intakes send cool, fresh air into the braking system to remove excess heat buildup and prevent fade. At the rear sits a rear add-on spoiler that attaches to the standard electric spoiler system. When a predetermined speed is reached, the rear spoiler deploys to generate downforce and keep the rear axle planted on the road's surface.

With the aerodynamics in check, Vath then turned their attention to the hand-built, 6.2-liter V-8 AMG engine. A new supercharger system was installed atop the intake manifold of the V-8 and given a new pair of air intakes that are optimized for better, more efficient airflow. A stainless steel exhaust system with sport catalytic converters was then installed to optimize the exhaust gas pressure. The final touch was an ECU tune to accommodate for the new compressor system. The end result was a total of 702 PS and 850 Nm of torque churning the rear forged wheels on the asphalt. To handle the extra power, both the fuel system and gearbox had to be fitted with new cooling systems. The increase in power helps the SLS AMG Roadster spring from 0-62 mph in 3.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 330 kph.

The additional power output of the V-8 required much of the chassis to be upgraded. The standard rims were replaced with new forged wheels in a three-piece construction to reliably put the power to the pavement. The forged wheels were installed in a wider 9.5 x 20 front and 12 x 20 rear fitment for better grip and fitted with new performance tires. The suspension was given a new set of threaded coilovers to lower the overall center of gravity to improve handling and stability. Vath also upgraded the braking system with 405 mm diameter discs on the front axle with stainless steel flex lines for greater stopping power.

The entire Vath SLS AMG Roadster upgrade program with supercharger system, aerodynamics, forged wheels, and chassis modifications is currently available as an entire tuning program from the German company for 85,000 Euros.